You Gotta Have A Tournament Arc

Run My Fade is progressing nicely through its tournament arc. One Piece Leek has many more planned and we thought it was about time to talk about tournaments a bit. Today’s episode discusses the types of arcs you mainly see in Shonen Battle style Anime and Manga series with much of conversation centered around our thoughts on the use of the Tournament Arc within our favorite series. What makes these arcs great? Are they overdone? Tap in to the Worst Generation Podcast to find out!
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The Worst Gen Crew explores the world of Anime and Manga as professional Black, Millennial, Nerds. Our love language is slander and excellent recommendations. Inspired by the popular Shonen Jump series One Piece, the crew believes in the Absolute Freedom of opinion. Consequently, we deliver Absolute Justice to those who do not!

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I'm 5 minutes into @worstgen_pod and I'm in love. Something about hearing nigga juxtaposed with anime. My life is complete.
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As a sporadic listener of the pod cast I love that no matter which episode I click on I never feel lost. I appreciated the conversation with Brago D Ace and the pod giving incite to not only how youtube works but how podcasting works. I plan on starting one of my own soon and will definitely play this episode back to pick up the gems that were dropped.
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For The Culture | People who speak a language I can relate to, y’all are funny asf 🙏🏾
Fire Fist Chace ,
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As a fan of anime this is really cool to listen to when I’m driving by myself because nobody I talk to watches that stuff like I do and it feels like I’m in the podcast talking with them
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The Akatsuki of Anime Pods | Love these talented guys and gals. Funny as hell and great perspective. 10/10 highly recommend
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The guys and their guests are passionate and expressive about what they’re enjoying watching/reading and it comes off in the podcast. Recommend to anyone just wanting to hear some anime talk between friends
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Hey guys, listen to @BlanimePodcast & @worstgen_pod if you're still on the lookout for great podcasts about everything Anime. Relieved face If you're planning on reading my releasing Manga, then you MUST cause you are missing out if you don't. Go and support awesome people with great taste!
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Finally!! Anime takes in a language I can understand. 😂😂