The Tear-Jerk Episode (Death In Anime)

If there is one thing that anime/manga fans know, it’s that whatever series they are watching will get them in the feels. One way in particular that creators do this is by subjecting us to one of the more painful facts of life, death! Sometimes it seems like a competition, who can deliver the most violent, shocking, and impactful death that will absolutely knock fans out.
Today, we’re discussing this topic that’s somewhat more taboo in Western media but prevalent in even the most child-friendly media of the East.
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I'm 5 minutes into @worstgen_pod and I'm in love. Something about hearing nigga juxtaposed with anime. My life is complete.
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As a sporadic listener of the pod cast I love that no matter which episode I click on I never feel lost. I appreciated the conversation with Brago D Ace and the pod giving incite to not only how youtube works but how podcasting works. I plan on starting one of my own soon and will definitely play this episode back to pick up the gems that were dropped.
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For The Culture | People who speak a language I can relate to, y’all are funny asf 🙏🏾
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As a fan of anime this is really cool to listen to when I’m driving by myself because nobody I talk to watches that stuff like I do and it feels like I’m in the podcast talking with them
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The Akatsuki of Anime Pods | Love these talented guys and gals. Funny as hell and great perspective. 10/10 highly recommend
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Finally!! Anime takes in a language I can understand. 😂😂