Do You Like Your Anime and Manga Series Long or Short? PAUSE

The crew is here to discuss the burning topic of which is better; long or short Anime and Manga series? As long time One Piece fans, we always hear “That series is too long!” so we thought, “What’s considered long?”. Welp, we decided it’s time to do an episode for our Supernovas. In this episode, we discuss the differences between long and short anime. We started by defining characteristics, debating the pros/cons, and providing our thoughts on future productions, then we realized we would have to go deeper!

First, the crew details our personal standards on the maximum amount of episodes and chapters we believe a ‘short’ anime should have. As a listener, you may find you have different tolerance for streaming and binging a series. Still, we wanted to ensure you knew where we stood before moving on to the pros/cons.

We state our pros/cons for each series, give examples, and elaborate on our personal viewer preferences to clarify our values. (Tweet us @worstgen_pod and tell us if you agree or disagree with our pros/cons) Here’s a quick overview of our pros/cons:

Short Anime Pros

  • Direct and concise (Most; we discuss some outliers)
  • Lack of filler
  • You don’t need to keep up with an abundance of arcs and plotlines

Short Anime Cons

  • There might be plot holes left undone at the end
  • Characters are left undeveloped at times
  • The viewer is left wanting more

Long Anime Pros

  • The fandom and engagement with others is immense
  • The viewers get to “grow up” with their favorite characters 
  • Lots of space to explore the world and plot lines

Long Anime Cons

  • The fandom can get crazy at times
  • Overwhelming to start due to spoiler and sheer volume of catalog

After discussing our pros/cons, we spoke about seasonal anime and why we believe it is the best of both worlds. Seasonal anime provides a middle ground for the studio to provide high-quality content and the crew doesn’t neglect the opportunity to slander the pitfalls of seasonal anime either. 

Tap in with the Worst Generation Podcast to get the full conversation and then give us your thoughts about long vs short Anime by joining the conversation on Twitter or commenting below!

In this episode:

  • GB
  • Sensei
  • Leek
  • Master D
  • Frankie

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