CTNW: The Brand of You with Sir Michael Rocks + Cowboy Bebop

Presenting a new twist on our Conquering The New World Series, The Brand Of You with Sir Michael Rocks + Cowboy Bebop. Sir Mike narrates his experience as an artist supported by lessons from Cowboy Bebop. We discuss his start in the music industry, growth through multiple mediums, and his current Twitch project, Mystery School US.

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Twitter: @sirmichaelrocks

Instagram: @sirmike

Mystery School Twitter: @MysterySchoolUS

Twitch: Mystery School US



One Piece Leek

Dat Boi Frankie

LoFi Mix:

Curated by Panda Da Don

Mixed + Mastered by DJ Nay Palm

The Brand of You – Captain’s Thoughts:

Sir Mike narrates his journey, and while I found many lessons to learn from his story, I believed the most powerful was his determination to follow his own path. 2020 has been a rough year due to COVID complications. Many of us are living with financial insecurity, mental stress, and emotional burdens. Although it won’t solve all of our problems, getting clear on who we are is a great first step to discarding the uncertainty surrounding you.

Learning from the episode:

Large companies spend $$$ focusing honing in on what makes them special and why customers want their products. We should learn from this model as we grow our platforms. Here are a few steps to help walk you through your thought process while listening to the LoFi Mix:

  1. Set A Focus
    • It’s easy to become confused about who you are and what you want to do. The internet creates a vacuum of “Do This,” “Guaranteed Ways To,” and “Best Uses For” content that will drain you of all creativity. You don’t have to look and fit the masses to succeed. Your power can be great with less. The more narrow your focus, the larger chance you have of standing out in a crowded marketplace.
  2. Assess Yourself
    • Take Stock. What makes me special? Why would someone be interested in my creations? What can I do right now?
  3. Be Honest
    • Others know when we aren’t our authentic selves. Be honest with yourself and be honest with your audience. Tell a story with your brand that is real and unique to who you are.
  4. Create Steps
    • The process and game are constantly evolving. The brand we want is not always what we have. The easiest way to get there is to set manageable steps. You’ll remember in our interview episode with Brago D. Ace, we spoke about how he’s constantly studying analytics and watching for trends to evolve his brand. Create steps but be prepared to fail along the way and make changes to the plan as the world change.


Live your brand exactly as you want to on your terms. If you need help, start with an example that you’d like to see yourself grow into and reverse engineer it to find your path. Remember to make it your own, be consistent, and leave a historic legacy you can feel proud to represent you!

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