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The Worst Gen Crew explores the world of Anime and Manga as Millennial Blerds. Our love language is slander and excellent recommendations. Inspired by the popular Shonen Jump series One Piece, the crew believes in the Absolute Freedom of opinion. Consequently, we deliver Absolute Justice to those who do not!

Meet The Crew


GB is the Creator, Producer, and Host of the Worst Generation Podcast. He’s in love with stories that challenge his perception of life and/or make him emotional. GB is a Toxic Boyz member and drives the Conquering the New World interview series, which applies lessons learned from Anime/Manga to our everyday lives!

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One Piece Leek

First Mate Leek! Leek lives/dies on his hill with a calm attitude while delivering surgical slander at all times. Leek is a member of the Toxic Boyz but it’s likely you’ll recognize Leek as the “voice” behind @worstgen_pod twitter, creator of #RunMyFade and co-producer of our Supernova no Chatto series where we discuss hot takes given by our Supernovas on Social Media.   


Sensei Le Glove

Sensei is our resident Youtuber delivering reactions, reviews and his popular #GlovesOff series. Sensei’s brand is pure energy, bringing a spirit that will not be silenced! He delivers hot takes, an extendo clip of slander + a laugh that gives our weaker guests nightmares. Sensei’s a member of the Toxic Boyz, 1⁄2 of the JoJo’s Witnesses he has a knack for creating peak content! 


Master D

You never know WTF Master D’s gonna say! Excitable and quirky; Master D, AKA “Trigga Rome”, is literally the trigger for some of the pod’s most memorable moments. If you ever have an Anime/Manga bone to pick, Rome is the one to call! You can reach Rome at the Worst Generation Podcasts HR Hotline. 


Dat Boi Frankie

The “casual” anime/manga fan on the pod but he’s experienced enough to know he’ll never turn his back on a convo. Frankie forces the crew not to overestimate our series knowledge. Frankie is a critical force behind-the-scenes of the podcast as he helps coordinate episodes and ensure everyone has what they need to produce at S-Tier levels!


Panda Da Don

Panda loves food and laughs nonstop but don’t get it twisted, she’ll rip your heart out if you try her! Panda is a member of #TheWatchers group on Twitter and if asked will rain a sea of SoL upon your head. Panda is also the resident music head on the pod with a endless database of Anime intros/outros. Check out #GivePandaTheAux , a Youtube playlist of all the must know Anime and Anime-related music.



Mr. It Must Be The Work Of My Enemy Stando. Karlito is a top-tier Pokemon Trainer and Breeder, member of the Toxic Boyz and one of the Written Content Editors for the Worst Generation Podcast. Karlito is 1⁄2 of the Jojo’s witnesses and always good for a lowkey gem Anime/Manga series recommendation.  


Jalen Santoy

Jalen Santoy AKA Mr KomiKal but ain’t Shhhhh Funny! Master of the shadows. this man is always ready to ride, help build the podcast, talk anime, debate One Piece and will literally “pull-up” to the pod from any f*cking where.


Tatted Poodle

The newest member of the crew! Poodle’s our resident cosplayer/streamer/networker. You may  already know Poodle from her viral TikTok videos but she’s also true One Piece fan, and lover of Anime/Manga. Beware: don’t let her innocent smile fool you, she’s a firecracker and will come for your throat in a conversation.