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Shoyo Hinata

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Black Butler

Panda Da Don

Panda loves food and laughs nonstop but don’t get it twisted, she’ll rip your heart out if you try her! Panda is a member of #TheWatchers group on Twitter and if asked will rain a sea of SoL upon your head. Panda is also the resident music head on the pod with a endless database of Anime intros/outros. Check out #GivePandaTheAux , a Youtube playlist of all the must know Anime and Anime-related music.

No matter how much anime/manga you’ve seen, you don’t know everything.



Queens of Mangaka

In this episode, we’re discussing the women who have created and shaped stories we love with all our heart, discuss our feelings on the public’s perception of women mangakas, discuss a few of our favorite mangas created by women and the influence…

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