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Worst Generation Member
Basil Hawkins

Linstead, Jamaica

GOAT Character

Roronoa Zoro

Favorite 3 Series

One Piece

Attack On Titan

Boku No Hero Academia

Master D

You never know WTF Master D’s gonna say! Excitable and quirky; Master D, AKA “Trigga Rome”, is literally the trigger for some of the pod’s most memorable moments. If you ever have an Anime/Manga bone to pick, Rome is the one to call! You can reach Rome at the Worst Generation Podcasts HR Hotline. 

When’s he not on the pod spittin, Master D creates abstract art. Click the link under his avatar to view his workshop.

Never judge a manga by its cover.



Wrap It Up B! Discussing Anime and Manga Series Endings

This week on the Worst Generation Podcast, the crew is discussing what makes a proper Anime and Manga series ending. In our world, clout fades, budgets break, and servers crash. Nothing is guaranteed including your favorite series! (No matter how many times you stay up late to watch that shit, you can’t guarantee that your show won’t get canceled) furthermore, your chosen mangaka who you trust with your best fantasies might be fu and not know how to properly end a series!

Tap in with the crew as we discuss what makes a good ending, do they need to be open ended or closed ended, our favorites, our worst and everything in between.

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You Gotta Have A Tournament Arc

Run My Fade is progressing nicely through its tournament arc. One Piece Leek has many more planned and we thought it was about time to talk about tournaments a bit. Today’s episode discusses the types of arcs you mainly see in Shonen Battle style…

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Titty Titty No See

The title is wild enough but the bonus episode this week goes even farther. The crew has a clip of tiny titty committee slander while we discuss Master D’s dream devil fruit!

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