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Capone Bege

Philadelphia, PA

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One Piece



Jalen Santoy

Jalen Santoy AKA Mr KomiKal but ain’t Shhhhh Funny! Master of the shadows. this man is always ready to ride, help build the podcast, talk anime, debate One Piece and will literally “pull-up” to the pod from any f*cking where.

It’s yo journey. Don’t let anyone tell you how to live it.



The Sake Tapes Vol. 1

The Worst Generation Podcast is back in action! GB has the new PC running and in true Worst Gen fashion, we are throwing a celebration. Yeah, that’s right, it’s a drunk pod! Now originally, we had planned to discuss Anime and Manga Tournaments, or was…

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BONUS- The Oden Flashback

Another bonus episode! 
SPOILER ALERT****Yooooooooooo! We gotta hit y’all with the Spoiler Alert! This is a review of the popular Shonen Jump series’ One Piece. Skip to the next episode if you don’t read the manga. Don’t say we didn’t warn ya!

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The Worst Gen Crew explores the world of Anime and Manga as professional Black, Millennial, Nerds. Our love language is slander and excellent recommendations. Inspired by the popular Shonen Jump series One Piece, the crew believes in the Absolute Freedom of opinion. Consequently, we deliver Absolute Justice to those who do not!

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