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Worst Generation Member

Naperville, IL

GOAT Character

Himura Kenshin

Favorite 3 Series

One Piece


YuYu Hakusho

Dat Boi Frankie

The “casual” anime/manga fan on the pod but he’s experienced enough to know he’ll never turn his back on a convo. Frankie forces the crew not to overestimate our series knowledge. Frankie is a critical force behind-the-scenes of the podcast as he helps coordinate episodes and ensure everyone has what they need to produce at S-Tier levels!


Choose a good source to get your content. There’s nothing worse than apps not carrying the series you love.



The Sake Tapes Vol. 1

The Worst Generation Podcast is back in action! GB has the new PC running and in true Worst Gen fashion, we are throwing a celebration. Yeah, that’s right, it’s a drunk pod! Now originally, we had planned to discuss Anime and Manga Tournaments, or was…

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Best Anime Streaming Service

Ok, so here on the Worst Generation Podcast we’ve talked about ‘WHAT to watch’, ‘HOW to watch’ and ‘WHY to watch’ but we’ve never really dedicated time to discussing ‘WHERE to watch’. Welp, it’s time. This episode is about the most popular streaming…

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My Anime Cousins Nem: Anime Inspired Series

In this episode of Worst Generation Podcast, the crew is discussing Western series inspired By Anime. The term Anime officially applies to hand-drawn and computer animation originating from Japan (sometimes known as Japanimation). Programs similar to…

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The Worst Gen Crew explores the world of Anime and Manga as professional Black, Millennial, Nerds. Our love language is slander and excellent recommendations. Inspired by the popular Shonen Jump series One Piece, the crew believes in the Absolute Freedom of opinion. Consequently, we deliver Absolute Justice to those who do not!

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